Seems like a nice place to keep in touch with those who want to reach out. To address FAQs if possible and be here. Enjoy.


The year draws to a close and many people, myself included, give in to a state of reflection. I can recall having a conversation with a close friend a few days ago and he mentioned a phrase, ‘powered by consciousness’ and immediately I smiled. There it was, an idea that sparked activity in my brain and resonated with everything deep in my being. He was trying to describe what we are! ‘Powered by consciousness’ as he introduced an idea that the energy that animates us uses a conduit through mental processes to power our activity. The conversation continued to the point where we were proposing that our consciousness is only limited by our experience because we rely on our receptors. Each receptor only operates within a range and it is our brain’s tries to make sence of it all. fascinating that we could arrive here casually, in a normal exchange between friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course we had to extrapolate with our imagination, to a state of man who is unleashed in the sence that he has receptors that operate in the full range possible. Creating limitless possibilities for conversations to come.


These moments leave us feeling good about ourselves, our world and the possibilities that are untapped in it. Then in a few days he posted this :

“The complexity of this life can easily be illustrated by the following:
What you say is wrong, but within your rights to say and are right to say; based on your life experience. What you say is right but everyone else has the right to say that it is wrong and are right to say that it’s wrong, based on their life experiences. People may be wrong in assuming that there is no absolute truth, but once the assumption is made, are right to cling to belief rather than search for truth, and may often be heard referring to “my truth” & “your truth”, since subjectivity & relativity are multitudinous, while objectivity/absoluteness are singular. Life is indeed complex and that complexity is increasing. Intellectualism is that which grew out of a need to accept complexity as normal and spawned strange ideas/appetites as ‘sophistication’ & ‘greed’ , the idea that ‘more’ is ‘better.’ If there was only ‘one’ and that ‘one’ divided and subsequently subdivided to create ‘many’, those ‘many’ are actually not ‘ONEs’ but fractions/divisions of ‘ONE’, which if recombined( not multiplied ) can recreate ‘ONE.’ So “sophistication” & ‘greed’ are nothing more than a grab to possess ‘more of’ the “ONE” ,instead of becoming ‘more like’ the “ONE.””

I am grateful to have this type of interaction as my thoughts are developed beyond even the power of my imagination. The power of combined imagination leaves normal worldly interaction in the dust as the mental energy heightens life experience. Before I get to the point of new year’s resolutions, I must tip my hat to 2016 as a year charged with energy. Gratefully reminiscing on all that has happened and knowing that the experiential knowledge bar has forever been raised. Who we are socially, who we are individually and who we are in general must be clearly worked out by all of us. Living in the ‘now’ really negates the need for resolutions unless a resolution is more like signaling your intention rather than being born of regrets. I really can’t find a use for regrets when everything in life is used for learning. So whether you resolve to or intend to, know that life was not designed for spectators……




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