Introducing yourself is always such a touchy prospect, it is not only about who you are but becomes entangled with the ideas linked to who you are being introduced to. After all it is always seen within a social context and comes with so many built-in additions. It took a conversation with a friend today to inspire me to come to this blog and say hi to all of you. The conversation was based on the idea that we are always reacting to the things that we were taught through the years and now that we are adults we may be required to ‘unlearn’ a lot of things that we hold to be true. How do we do it though? How do we deal with the cognitive dissonance that arises or do we avoid this trauma at all cost. Decisions, decisions. My friend kept reminding me that we develop along the lines of our interests and will learn things based on how we motivate ourselves to look for information. I smiled because it seemed that he was speaking to my higher intellect because I knew this information and lived by it. To have someone else say it to me was like stroking my ego, and I must add, that I liked it.

Seriously though, whether it is through social media or face to face conversation I usually need to create an opportunity for meaningful exchange. With zero interest in arguing, the wish is that there can be a meeting of the minds. I hope to walk away with something that I don’t want to dispute because the implications stimulates my mind and acts like a catalyst for creative expression. I know, a lot of expectation for a first meeting right, don’t worry very few people can provide that in my environment so I turn to the internet. Have I introduced myself yet? An introduction is a name or at least involves a name, but this is my blog and it already has a name so I tried to give you more.

Please forgive me for relishing the idea of an introduction, there is something special about ‘boundless faith in our destiny’. How about the prospect of meeting that mind that will bring me that ‘glorious death’ according to the soldier in the movie ‘300’ while looking done on the enemy horde. So when I start quoting movies it’s time to go. It was nice meeting you and don’t be a stranger, well you know what I mean……..Bye.


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