It is only fitting that on old year’s day we ponder over events past and those to come. I will focus most on those that are ahead of me. The International community seems to believe that our economic future is paired to higher oil prices and look to OPEC to address our problem. In a weird twist of circumstances Venezuela has agreed to cut production per day by more barrels than my country produces, yet we consider ourselves an oil rich country. I mentioned this as an example of the micro view and the macro view. To suggest that merely making a resolution can not work because there is a larger playing field that affects the outcome. So regardless of your age, you will do well to develop the skill of seeing and planning with the micro and macro simultaneously. Ensuring that there is synergy between your micro and macro views to ensure that you do not become a victim of your own successes.


So for the new year, whether you plan to work harder, exercise more, eat healthier, read more, write more, spend less, remember it is all within a narrative. It is your responsibility to ensure that all actions amount to good for you. Though we buck against the status quo, the phases in life are characterised by different energy allotments. If you try to do a high energy task in a low energy life phase then poor results should not surprise you. despite our disdain for conformity and structured living, there is still something to be learned from our ancestors. There is still a lot of creativity and skill to be exercised within structure if you are doing things right. The future should always be an exciting prospect as we speak beauty into being and fullness of experience. Be careful not to confuse these with speaking money and technology into being. Technological living requires that we be masters of our environment, clearly defining the effects of technology and separating that from the effects of our actions and intentions. If we don’t possess this skill then our experience will be as alien to us as the air that sustains us.


But we have strayed from the merriment and the reason for the season. To jump over a time marker, a threshold of sorts, to begin anew. Rightly so, we should revel in the fact that time marches on and we are here to witness it. So pop your bottles, count down to your future, enjoy food and company and all the great things that we have set up as a civilization, while being switched on. From a little twin island state in the Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago, I wish you all a very happy new year and all the success for your highest intentions. Be beautiful in 2017………


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