Movies are a nice way to entertain yourself most times. I like the occasional visit to the cinema and usually keep track of the new movies for the season to see which movie can get my attention. Today I would like to share my thoughts about a pleasant find. Arrival came to our cinemas and I ignored it for the most part as just another alien movie. I did not even look at it in cinema but at home. Having taken the time to look at it though, it is a winner in my book as it attempts to communicate ideas that should be brought to the forefront of our minds and definitely into our conversations.


The movie is not really an action movie, so you have to be a plot person to get through it. The concept of what the aliens look like is secondary to me, but the main theme of the movie was about language, and how important and limiting it can be within our constructs of perception. The largest part of the movie was spent constructing a ‘universal language’ between us and the aliens. The brilliant point shared though is that we do not thing ‘in words or sentences’ but rather ‘pictures’. This single point was worth making a movie if it could help one person understand their reality better. The rest was just icing on the cake where they introduced the idea that time does not have to be ‘linear’ and the way we arrange our pictures to communicate can dictate our power of perception. Anything that points to the limitless possibility of Humans will have an audience with me and this movie was designed to reach us in a very intimate way.


Media tries to reach us from time to time, and whether it is to condition us or to educate us, we must be able to recognise gems of information and figure out how to use it. There is a popular belief that truth is subjective, but how do we live in a world where we can’t rely on any information that comes our way. Life gets harder without a foundation. The strongest foundation would be based on what we know about our own bodies and then work outward to our immediate environment. I really appreciated the reinforcement of the fact that we think in pictures. Even though it came through a movie, the ability to follow someones imagination to map out possible implication of that fact was a joy for me. I saw a clip on the internet where the Directors were proud of the work that they put into the film as I think they should be.


It was important for me to share these points because all around us people complain about the drudgery of life while they remain closed off to information and experiences. They can’t find anything interesting to do with their mind and they believe that someone has to pay them to use that mind. Life can be full of little things  that can be developed into big things, possible worlds to explore just on the other side of your boredom. If you are a driven person there can be no boredom. To be driven you must have a source. Truth can be a source but I digress.

All this from a movie, imagine that. Remember to be entertained is not the same thing as being switched off………..




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