The experience over the past week in St Maarten was very rewarding and successful. The response to ‘Living Through 2016’ was fantastic and I feel energised after leaving St Maarten shores. I was pleasantly surprised by the young talent that was available for the event and the skill in organisation displayed by the Phillipsburg Library staff. Special thanks to Mrs. Maryland Powell for her involvement and insight, we can feel proud of the work that we achieved together. I was particularly impressed by the young people of the readers and leaders program and their commitment to promoting literacy among the youth.



The event would not have been possible without the help of corporate sponsors. Special thanks to Smart Car Rental, Atrium Hotel, Renttasound Ltd, Livewire International and of course Phillipsburg Jubillee Library. Your support has renewed my faith in community and the benefits of integrating groups. I would also like to say thank you to all the persons involved in preparing and coordinating the event. The media houses of St Maarten are appreciated for their role and special thanks to Mr. Ralph Contave for a wonderful interview. I must make mention of my family on the island and though they know, I must say thank you for the support.



 ‘Living Through 2016’ is now available at the Phillipsburg Jubillee Library through library check out and enquiries about book purchases can be made through 1721-553-8923. Books are also available online in e-book or print copy through, Barnes and Noble Books and Authorhouse Bookstore. Thank you St Maarten for having me, it was a pleasure.


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