The ‘identity’ is based on playing a role. Each person is expected to take on several roles simultaneously to present an identity within the program of our reality. If you look at yourself you will realise that you are many things, characterised by your gender, educational background, physical ability, career, offspring, community status etc. The challenge is to make it work to some extent, to develop a kind of mastery in this complex projection of who you are. In this time a woman can be a university graduate, mother, flight attendant, wife and president of the workers association all at the same time. It may or may not work but in this time she is encouraged to try. People in general in 2016 have low tolerance for being told how to combine roles and they excel in ‘doing rather than planning’. Most roles come with rules and the rules are constantly attacked by the modern psyche. Why can’t we love someone of the same-sex? Why can’t we have careers and let someone else care for the children? Why do we have to stay in a marriage? Why must I be faithful to one person? Why continue to worship a GOD with no proof of its existence? Why shouldn’t I kill another human being? Why can’t I just take your stuff if I want it?


The point of looking at reality through a spiritual lens is to understand it as an experiment with constants and variables. It is quite possible that if we take on a role but augment the rules, then we will not actually get the experience intended. The goal of these experiences is subtlety that can only be had through a mix of mental and emotional triggers. The confusion in which we live, in 2016 is the perfect recipe for wasting time in an evolutionary sense. The image of the ‘sankofa’ comes to mind here, a swan looking backwards with an egg in its mouth, this signifies going back to collect the things that were left behind. The ancient Africans understood this, why can’t we. So I am saying that the identity is necessary to pursue spiritual growth and the identity is a tool of the physical world. The rules should not be changed carelessly because you do not know what you will miss in an incarnation. The outlook is not one of a civilization of seven billion people fighting for fixed resources, it is much bigger than that, it is a matter of your evolution through experiential knowledge to attain a quality that is desired by your Creator.




If we are indeed consciousness encased in a flesh body then how can we progress if we don’t accept where we are and apply ourselves in our current circumstance? We do not control much in this form, our will is the tool that we control. We cannot change the rules at the level of grand design. The decimation of all social standards without careful consideration of what we are creating is not the answer. Our world endures too much confusion, and a lot of it is our own doing and, yes there is an attainable solution. Attainable only because you rely on no one else but you to change things. Stop contributing to the non-sense, think carefully first and only create what you intend to. The individual solution that goes viral is the answer as you do not need to convince anyone, you just improve you. That’s it, mission accomplished, save you and then observe. Have patience and wait to see how your altered state interacts with the environment. Live your roles to the fullest. Be the best uncle you can be, the best teacher, the best neighbour, best taxi driver and the best human being because we need you now to colour this new era as we stand at the threshold in 2016.


Stepping into your roles can only be successful if you control your emotions to some extent. Without the emotion body the potential for messy outcomes are increased tenfold. My mentor shared recently that all art is the exploration of the emotions. Perhaps the development of an artistic skill can be a way to discover some level of mastery of the emotions. Being an adult, I strongly recommend that you take the time to develop a mature outlook on life and balance your perspectives. Any areas where your experience is grossly insufficient should be known and caution taken to reflect that in your dealings. It is ok to not know, it is ok to grow in a role, and it is ok to be mentored and to mentor others.


The mental environment that we create is paramount to the way we step into our roles and how easily we step out of them. Long before this social media era we were promoting that, ‘politics has a morality of its own’, ‘business is a cut throat competitive environment’, ‘the end justifies the means’, ‘you get the level of justice that you pay for’ and ‘survival of the fittest’. We have moved forward with these things as truths and now on social media we have arrived at new standards ‘where everyone is entitled to their own opinion’. It is amazing that on this planet we have not achieved standards of racial equality, economic or financial equality, food stability, equal access to housing or equal opportunity for movement but we have arrived at a standard on the internet where everyone has an opinion and it is an inalienable right to have your opinion. All we have achieved is a new way to close our minds to information in an environment that is full of information. Every revolutionary leader would say, ‘if the people would only wake up, then we could….’, they won’t wake up because they have arranged it so that they are only interested in the narrative that is pleasing to them. Your story is ugly and therefore they will stick to their opinion.


The Creation story is one balanced on the premise of free will and roleplaying is one of the most obvious areas where choice is exercised. There is power in a role, the power to influence a life to blossom or germinate according to divine plan, whether it is clear to us or not. We play the role by applying the faith that all things work together for good and we trust the program that feeds our reality to unfold as it should. With vision and precision of focus we step into the role and allow faith to do the rest and we observe, tuned to the slightest changes that we can muster even going beyond the receptors, honing in on mastery at this level…….















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