A friend of mine sent this to me and I enjoyed so much that I wanted to share it. Enjoy:


The Culture with in:

Exploring the center of one’s cure. going in-depth to feel the essence within as he touched the cultural bean.

Taken to ecstasies extracting secretions , releasing inner most secrets of touches. Tears that sprang to eyes. As the love poured out of pores.

Walls has been strategically placed as being moon-stricken and in search fortune are sought after. preventing hearts from caving or feeling. Holding back from the inevitable seasons of change.

Don’t want to let go of what has been written in the history of cultural aspects that our ancestors has written, the history of mankind has walked these flours before. Many has been touched as they danced or enjoyed the throbbing of the beating of the drums. No holds has been placed or secured.

As two danced in excitement in red hot love making,
Fire colored on stages of drama and of churches, lectures, drums and songs.

Surrounded by electricity that draws you in and captivated the inner bean.
Conquering of spirits as two becomes one. forgetting and then realizing that it is faith that brought the two together and the words are just that,
just words.
And the tears that falls did not fall in vain.

And the ancestors will speak again through images to guide you through memories of the you and the me.
the souls will connect.
Drawing them together in the enigma of life.
To complete the life cycle of the balancing of night and day.

The core, the center, the beginning will know no ending for together we are completed – divided will be destruction.

We will meet again in the realm of all enlightenment and will be ordained consented, blessed. For love will soften the heart to draw closer to what it actually feels, for the beating of the drums, the moving of the hips, the stroking of each stroke takes over. And the Universe says:
It’s done.


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