Today I allowed myself the muse over the idea of something being ‘perfect’. The first place that I had to go was, the pregnant imagery that the word promotes. Perfect, flawless, complete, the highest level of refinement. Then I realised that there was something else going on with the word, it meant no further work required and it shed all motivation to do work after it had been attained, there was no need for time, thought, work or aspirations for this issue because it was ‘perfect’. To get to perfection we are thought that we need to apply the highest manifestation of work, vision, precision, skill and then, like speeding to a brick wall once achieved………….stillness. For the first time I could see this construct of perfection as a manifestation of death, no movement after the point of realisation. As I search my soul to see if this new insight could find a home in my feeling of being-ness, I am relieved to find that it does not fit. It does not resonate within me. This thing called perfect has no use in the normal workings of creation where constant movement is the universal law and also an experiential fact.


Now I am convinced that perfection is a lie……….Nothing can be perfect or it condemns itself to inaction. I have no doubt that if I amplify this thought and pitch it our through the cosmos to the source of all this energy that the mind will be forever enriched by the possibilities of this new knowledge. But who could have done this, trapped us in our minds to stop us from seeing even the most simple truths…….nothing can be perfect, it would stop itself from existing and would just be…………


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