Someone told me recently, ‘the way to win an argument is to argue the other person’s point better than them so you can find the weak points of the argument and then shut it down’.

In a movie that I was watching recently a woman gave instructions to her secretary to, ‘call my eleven o’clock appointment and move it to two o’clock, then call back in half an hour and move it back to ten o’clock, then call back in ten minutes and cancel it’. She was not even in the office that day…….

If this is how we interact and communicate with each other, how can we lament when nothing gets done. This feeds the premise that to get anything done we must bulldoze people’s free will and force activity because consensus is a luxury and not a necessity.

It was important for me to look at the quality of relationships this morning hoping that we can be reminded that we contribute to the ugly in our environment by not questioning these tactics that are taught. Things that promote aggression and not communication.

Improve you day, one interaction at a time…….





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