Sometimes you can find peace within the moment, when energies and time slows down to heighten appreciation of your immediate scenery. Vision teeming with life and beauty as you surrender to the moment completely receiving and not broadcasting. The moment can fuel us as though it is a lifetime. I have found that the body/mind arrangement is particularly interesting when we first awake in the morning and if we find ourselves in the garden looking at flowers and birds just after we awake then something happens that can be almost timeless.  Strange migrating birds, normal local birds, different colour flowers, the basic greens of leaves and an absence of agenda or rush and you are there, transported to a world almost parallel to this world but inaccessible through haste.

I had this experience this morning and thought of you and had the urge to share. Wishing that when you have the chance to experience your moment that you know how special it is. We may not get mush confirmation in this life that this is a beautiful world so when we are bombarded by imagery we have a duty to respond. Have a great day and be open to beauty, life and divine energy………



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