I have always used Facebook, close to its inception I got involved, it was ok because my needs were basic. Things have changed though since becoming an author as my needs are now complex. We are advised to use social media to reach our public and accessing that niche becomes all-encompassing. Now we need to know who is using what and the likes of different groups. It takes time to set up but more time to manage. I only mention that because time is precious to a writer, time in front the  computer or other medium is finite. Balance becomes an issue to share time between managing and creating.

sku-0011171451The experience is balancing off though as I have found real utility in Facebook and now my account, found under ‘Jay Pascall’ is linked to this blog page jkpauthor.wordpress.com and this page is linked to my Amazon Author Page J.K. Pascall Author Page. I had not catered for the linking of accounts which makes things much more manageable. So I am confident now that you can find me if you wanted to and that is half the battle. For those of you who choose to keep tabs, you can visit the Amazon site and click on the ‘follow’ button.  

Though there are so many other sites, for now I am on WordPress, Facebook and email. As time goes on those can increase but, balance, after all I am still a guy that has to find time to write. So have a wonderful day and know that it is very important that I am able to reach you but more important than that, I must find time to create for you………




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