In law they talk about a duty of care, a neighbour principle and doctors take a ‘Hippocratic oath’, as all are guided towards particular ideas about responsibility. We have allowed competition in structured settings to put guidelines on when we will use a sense of duty. So qualifications and salary dictates who fills a position in the structured world and most people conform in their thinking to understand that we can not attract the best resources outside these paradigms.

The problem is seen though in those institutions where external factors can’t attract persons to serve. Where the structure relies on volunteers to run critical functions. The reason I highlight this is because of the compromise that we are required to make just to full a position, while ignoring any real competency. Even when this is the case the occupant won’t work on themselves simply because they already have the post.

So often we are handicapped by circumstances and resources, but that word ‘Duty’ could help in these times. I have observed generations that have now passed and realise that they had something in them that allowed them to give of themselves for very little return just because of duty. Though we too will have our strengths, this is an area where we can learn much. Regulators in most systems, government and otherwise seldom attract market rates but are necessary all the same. I guess the point of all this is that if you must take up a position, please assess what is at stake and try your best, and please assess your best to know if it is good enough. If you do not measure up the answer is to train yourself to become better because ‘duty’ should never have to suffer.




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