Today is as good a day as any to reflect on the things that we have been gifted in life, and while I send out a heart-felt good morning to all that will read this post , I will reflect on my blessings as well. I know that you are glad that I won’t list them but just saying that in that gentle critique that we should make of ourselves there is room to rejoice, we are human and we make progress. Today feel like a good day and the energy of the day points to a future worth having and one worth fighting for.


Own the circumstances of your life, do not separate yourself from the ebb and flow of events, we play a role, both as receiver and transmitter of energy. Where ever this finds you today, know that it was sent with the highest intention to be positive in life and know that we are fortunate to be on our journey…….


3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. This world is inundated with people whose response to receiving is to complain that they didn’t receive enough. That number grows daily at exponential rates. Truly grateful people are a dying breed. I’m glad I can still see people post things like this as it gives me hope that not all gratitude in this world is lost. I hope you’re having a pleasant day.

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    1. Thank you and yes today is a nice day, I try to remind myself that some things are indeed better than they were in my past, life is dynamic and change is viewed from a vantage point. My curse is that I analyse a lot. The world can be daunting but there will always be someone out there experiencing a similar view…

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      1. Sage words, my friend. I definitely get you on the point of analysing things. It’s something I can do too much of and the analysing becomes procrastination. As you say, finding a like-minded soul can help make sense of things.

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