I am just coming back from a period of being lost within my life. Events overlaid on events to ensure that I am completely consumed. It’s possible that there is a message here that I am attempting too much at once or that my methods are not working but then I woke up this morning thinking about my blog and how long its been since I really posted anything. So this is therapy for a life out of control, a man who understands that control might be a myth but chooses to power through this perception thinking that he is making a difference.


Being many things for many people can take a toll, especially if you can’t come up for air when you want to. So I survived this bout of managing conflict and though I still can’t do the ‘cup half full’ thing yet, I just wish that these distractions would not affect my creativity. My desire to write should be immune from this stuff but it is not.


While I have some freedom from the B.S. and feel to share, let me go put in some work. Enjoy your day and take yourself seriously enough to prioritize your emotions and events. It’s worth a try right…………..


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