Snuffed out!

When culture meets


What is the



Fishing nets,


Only speculation,

From an on looking



Social media


How many ways

Do we fantasize

About motive, method?


Seems like emotions

Are heightened,

Citizens frightened,

But for what?


No external boss,

Planning our demise,

No invading force,

Prompting us to rise,

In solidarity.


This attack is from within,

Born of what was

Not quite a culture,

Now a nightmare,

That stuffs women in freezers!


Burn them by ex-lovers,

Submerge them in salt waters,

Kidnap them with impunity.


Emotion paralysing brain,

Loss for words,

Then the refrain:

‘It eh easy out day nah’.


So goodbye to our ghetto reporter,

So long to our banking daughter,

Regrets for our Police mother,

Still looking for the X-trail driver.



What do we tell our children,

Boy or girl,

How do we prepare them,

To continue to contribute

To this mayhem?


The government will save us,

Raise G.D.P. and Caricom status,

Crime Plan after Crime Plan,

While we, remain us.






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