The day comes once a year and everyone stops whatever they are doing to either focus on mothers or pretend that they are. We humans love our routines and it is a lovely gesture for those of us with mothers and grandmothers to spend time acknowledging their sacrifice. I applaud all of it and witness that it is an easy opportunity to show how nice and warm humanity can be. It creates family cohesiveness and in the era of the selfie, my god, mother will never be forgotten because of all the pictures.

I am sure that by now you sence the ‘but’ in my words. But I lament that this outpouring of love and appreciation is an automatic gesture that does not highlight the fact that we are not teaching our young women to be mothers anymore and are not emphasizing the responsibility to prepare proper children and support and strengthen the family unit. Our modern world fosters a different kind of mother who at times compromises on critical values to make this new ideology work. We are finally at the stage where the old idea about mothers have all but disappeared and we call this progress. The older heads now who are called grandparents now would hardly stand up to the scrutiny of the mothers of old. But the pedestal has already been set and we celebrate all mothers on a particular day, regardless of their accomplishments or failings. I apologise for bringing such a heavy view to such a cherished day, but I will try to save the message. Mothers day should be likened to new years day, where every mother upon receiving acknowledgement would resolve to do better the next year because our societies are slipping and you hold such an important position.


So, Happy Mother’s Day………

The clock resets tomorrow.



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