Competitively participating,

In an integrated approach,

At securing a future for


Social media, email,

Perfect tools to hide

The ghosts in the detail,

As agendas are stripped for resale.

Compete first, consult as a last resort,

Sell the strong points,

Doctor the report,

Just business they purport.

In this selfish grab

For abundant resources,

To the victor goes

All the spoils.

Now cut off from source

And kin,

The stage is set,

Next phase can begin.

Where will you turn

When the pressure is great,

Where will you run

When they reveal our fate?

The declaration

That the battle is forfeit,

The strong suspicion

That the war is over with.

All that is left

Are prisoners in our minds,

Wishing for a different reality

Hoping for a better story

Longing for integration in society

Swearing that we deserve better.

When the worst of us

Decides our destiny,

There is no surprise

To notice stymied trajectory.

Which is the greater tragedy

That we participated willingly,

Or that we slept

Through revolution blindly.


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