I feel a pain within,

Intensity mild but consistent,

Almost tangible like breath,

Heart hurting.

Exacerbated by thinking,

Linked to feeling,

But only just.

It’s like a pain of being.

A pain too mild to be a pain,

But its paining my brain,

Advil, Panadol can’t restrain,

The beginning of responsibility.

I feel this PAIN through me,

But feel it for everybody,

I can’t explain really,

It’s driving me crazy.

It’s like if I don’t feel it,

I’m dead.

Dead inside without it,

My pain teaches me,

While simultaneously hurting my memory,

Of self.

I can’t remember me,

Through the pain I now see,

On the face of others.

You see, it’s not about me,

Pain comes in mild waves

To echo activity in this reality,

And possibly even others.

I’ve bonded with my pain,

And here it comes again,

Now open like an antenna,

Hinting to an openness in matter,

I surrender to divine chatter.



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