A phrase suggesting a synergy between logic and emotion. This is what I tries to accomplish in my works of poetry. The arrival of my second book, ‘Dialogue’ is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Authorhouse Bookstore. The e-book version should follow soon however the book is live and available for sale. It brings me great joy to put this work on the market because I had so much fun putting together the collection of poems and the emotional range inspired mental and emotional growth. Below I can share with you my opening thoughts:


sku-0011171451‘This book was born from a promise that I made at the end of my first book, ‘Living Through 2016 – Beyond Fiction’. The philosophy and ideas shared there prepare us for a dialogue that I believe, is not only necessary but nurturing for the individual seeker. Here I continue to reach out to the traveler on the path through a different vehicle. My need to express myself led me to this genre of poetry where I thoroughly enjoyed my expression knowing that I could reach persons in a way that I was longing to experience. I would love to say that I have shared all of myself but once again this is just another beginning. To peel back the skin of the onion is a beautiful experience and I am loving the experiences as I share parts of myself with you for the enrichment of our collective consciousness.

The work is set up in three parts, ‘How I see me’, ‘How I see you’ and ‘How I see us’. It is a celebration of sight, feeling and knowing all wrapped up in one. May it mean many things for you at once but always nurture the seeker in you.’

The flavor has changed however the focus remains the same, communicating and expressing the need for shared experience in a world that does not give us the answers neatly wrapped in a bow. As developments take place and versions of the book become available I will update persons through my blog and other sources. For now I am elated to introduce:

cover – dialogue

‘Dialogue: From Mind’s Heart to Yours’










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