Prior to the receipt of my review I was encouraged by the words of the reviewer and hoped for a good review. The review turned out to be a great review and I share below the blurb that was sent prior to the review itself:


20170718_104421September 3, 2017, 3:58 am – The reviewer wrote:

The author reminded me of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. I can relate to the author because I also come from a colored race. His great poems compiled in this book are clustered into three themes as “Me”, “They”, and “Us”. The author awed by how he used the word “rape”. It made the poems powerful. His poem “CIVILIZATION” has these lines: Before they raped Africa and India, In my time, we raped Iraq and Syria His poem, “IT SIMPLE” has this line “Globalization rapes her repeatedly”. His poem “HOME” has this line “Rape and murder, of West Indies”. The poems bring strong emotions to the readers because the word “rape” is heavy. The author’s notes, “Once my words can engage the mind, the task is done but if it touches the heart, then we really have just begun” touched my soul and I found myself reading the poems all over again.


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