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My last post touched on parenting, which led to the thought that most people don’t even know the type of relationships. Some people assume all relationships live in the same general group of issues. Boy, would you be wrong! Over the years I have had the pleasure to meet real people in some really surreal relationships. I would routinely say to friends that the issues that you are dealing with here are not routine issues and that they should start there with their partner to acknowledge this fact. It is almost like you have to hire a professional to deal with your issue, because you may not know how you got there and there are myriad natural ways to screw things up and no clue how to properly deal with the issue.

No, this is not where I send you to therapy. Most people won’t go anyway, so you have to struggle through on your own. However I have found that if you accept that this issue is a monumental issue and that you have been getting help from your partner  to cope, then pause there, don’t rush to solve the problem just yet, but acknowledge that all hands are on deck dealing with the problem. Take time to figure out what the team needs, you are not there alone.

Couples dealing with jealousy, money management issues, family interference issues need not be concerned, these are routine relationship issues. The next level stuff comes from illness of a partner (various cancers), infertility problems, death of a child, special needs children or even parents. And the list is not exhaustive, but there is the real need to dig deep to be efficient and effective in this second group of issues, and its so easy to get it wrong.

I guess my message today is to know your group type, and take care of your relationships.


I am looking on at this story with Tyrese and it is so amazing that society has gotten so comfortable now with this kind of dispute. It is routine that a father would go through a certain range of allegations and have to prove himself to his community before the substantive issue is dealt with. This leads me though to the scenario where the people are still together and somehow it is accepted that the father role is subordinate to the mother role. This is particularly damaging in cases where there is only one child and the parents are subconsciously fighting to have that child choose one over the other or love one more. Long before the conflict starts, the contest starts. It almost creates a self fulfilling prophecy that leads to the conflict.

Men get it, you are attached to the child that grew in you, you are an emotional creature but this is not your child alone. Where is the mature adjustment that provides balance, who is responsible for bringing that. This scenario has gone on for far too long and there is no hope for families if inexperience and selfishness keeps tearing families apart and women don’t take responsibilities for pushing men out of their children’s lives.

I guess someone will do a study and prove that this is not a thing, and while we adjust figures the kids of the world continue to face their reality. All they usually want is for mommy and daddy to get alone. Which is difficult because of a world of issues that ‘adults’ now have to navigate, but why waste time on the artificial crap, like who loves the child more and of course who the child loves more. Just be grateful that you have a child capable of love, that is healthy enough to demonstrate that love.

We continue to struggle as a civilization. Where are our adults………

O.B.C. Review

Official Review: Living Through 2016 by J.K. Pascall

Post Number:#1 by Kat Kennedy » Yesterday, 11:04[Following is an official review of “Living Through 2016” by J.K. Pascall.]

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3 out of 4 stars

Review by Kat Kennedy

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In his book, Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction, J.K. Pascall offers the reader a personal perspective on the current political and social happenings of the world through his own life experiences and his journey to find inner peace and self-knowledge.

The book is organized into three sections charting his personal journey to self-actualization, his thoughts on identity and community, followed by a call to action. “Consciousness is the beginning,” Pascall states. He is seventeen when he begins his spiritual education, which is initiated through conversations with older men. His mentor engages him in philosophical conversation, and he makes good use of the opportunity to read the many books he finds within the home of his mentor. Thus begins his journey to spiritual enlightenment, a journey that is definitively Eastern in nature, yet there is much in his experience that is relevant to anyone seeking a deeper spiritual awareness – namely, questioning and observing.

The author’s sincerity shines through on every page of the book. It is evident that he is disturbed by the political chaos and the ever increasing terrorist attacks and wars around the globe. The anonymity afforded us through the internet to state unsubstantiated opinion as fact with no repercussions and the subsequent blurring of fact and fiction is also of much concern to Pascall. Technology, though certainly a wonderful enhancement of modern life which allows us to easily seek truth, has also allowed people to insulate themselves from any ideas different than their own. There is a lack of face to face conversation where people may disagree and have debate rather than the anonymous bullying of the impersonal internet. It is a valid argument. It is much harder to disregard another’s opinion when sitting over coffee. Pascall writes this book to offer his truth and calls upon his readers to find theirs, and through doing so to make the world, if only their small part of it, better.

Pascall’s search for self-awareness leads him into areas such as astral projection and the belief that the goal of finding spiritual awareness is “handicapped if we omit ‘reincarnation’” — concepts which may be controversial to most western readers. His book would be stronger with a more in-depth discussion of these two concepts as they seem pivotal to his personal beliefs, or perhaps the additions of an index or reference section would suffice. He does mention several authors within the text, but it would be beneficial to include a reference section with specific titles of importance to explain the various Eastern concepts discussed within the book.

I rate this book a 3 out of 4 stars. There are several editorial issues, especially with comma usage, and there are some concepts that should be explained more fully. However, the book is well organized and is written with a great deal of passion. It is a powerful book and one worth reading. No doubt Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction is written from a place of good. It’s a sharing of Pascall’s personal journey in hope of effecting change in the world – and that is to be commended.

Living Through 2016
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This picture is from a recent photo session and I was so pleased with the job that it just made my day. The group that I worked with were some young people who surprised me with their work ethic and quality of work. I am not sure if I am happy for myself or for them and what they can accomplish.


The greater part of today went into marketing my products, and it is about time as I had slacked off marketing for a while. These tools were exactly what I needed. So of course I wil_MG_6459l share two more and then leave……_MG_6480