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I let it past and I shouldn’t have, WordPress saw it fit to celebrate the mile stone, so should I.  I still feel like a new blogger though and I wish I had more time to do more but you know how it goes. This forum to express my views is still awesome and once I can stay the course, good outcomes lie ahead.

Have a great day WordPress world.



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Unexpected Days

Today was one such day where in the middle of the week with nothing planned and no particular desire to create distraction, progress comes. I am particularly grateful today because a leap of faith, has opened up possibilities. This cryptic opening will end soon, I promise as I share with you the reason for my upbeat ramblings._MG_6472

This picture is from a recent photo session and I was so pleased with the job that it just made my day. The group that I worked with were some young people who surprised me with their work ethic and quality of work. I am not sure if I am happy for myself or for them and what they can accomplish.


The greater part of today went into marketing my products, and it is about time as I had slacked off marketing for a while. These tools were exactly what I needed. So of course I wil_MG_6459l share two more and then leave……_MG_6480


Prior to the receipt of my review I was encouraged by the words of the reviewer and hoped for a good review. The review turned out to be a great review and I share below the blurb that was sent prior to the review itself:


20170718_104421September 3, 2017, 3:58 am – The reviewer wrote:

The author reminded me of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. I can relate to the author because I also come from a colored race. His great poems compiled in this book are clustered into three themes as “Me”, “They”, and “Us”. The author awed by how he used the word “rape”. It made the poems powerful. His poem “CIVILIZATION” has these lines: Before they raped Africa and India, In my time, we raped Iraq and Syria His poem, “IT SIMPLE” has this line “Globalization rapes her repeatedly”. His poem “HOME” has this line “Rape and murder, of West Indies”. The poems bring strong emotions to the readers because the word “rape” is heavy. The author’s notes, “Once my words can engage the mind, the task is done but if it touches the heart, then we really have just begun” touched my soul and I found myself reading the poems all over again.


I woke up this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to find notices in my mail that contained the review to my second book. I read the preliminary note from the reviewer and was encouraged but the review was better than I dared anticipate:

Official Review: Dialogue by J.K. Pascall

Official Review: Dialogue by J.K. Pascall

Post Number:#1 by Donnavila Marie01 » Yesterday, 02:22[Following is an official review of “Dialogue” by J.K. Pascall.]

Book Cover

4 out of 4 stars

Review by Donnavila Marie01

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Did you experience listening to a song then tears start to cloud your eyes? This book will bring you more tears. Dialogue by J.K. Pascall is a compilation of his excellent poems. This book is a sequel to his book entitled, Living Through 2016 – Beyond Fiction. I did not have the opportunity to read the first book but I still find this book relatable and I consider myself lucky to write a review about it.

Pascall clustered his poems into three themes. The first theme which is entitled “Me” is about him. It composes 13 poems. The reader will find his or her life written in one or more of the poems. For example, the poem entitled “Hiding” talks about me. I found myself reading about me because I lack self-confidence and sometimes my enemy is my inner self. His question, “what makes me act like me” provoked me because this philosophical question is the very question I ask myself every day.

The second theme is about how he sees others. It has 11 poems which touch the issues on the long-term effect of subjugation, racism, discrimination, and cultural entropy caused by poachers. This theme invites the reader to look back in time and read between the lines of the poems. The last theme is about how he sees humanity. The following line from his poem, “Blind Ambition” captivated me: “An appetite for clarity, suggests maturity, to use knowledge, productively”. We all crave for knowledge but are we capable of acquiring it?

I love everything about this book because it used poetry in an awesome way. Poetry is the language in which man explores his own amazement and Pascall made it in his poems. It is also a means of the poet in communicating his different emotions to the target readers. Pascall sends his anger, frustration, and agony about the events in his own nation and to the world. He leads the readers to transcend and look beyond the facade of reality through his poems. The purpose of poetry is to strike the reader, or maybe more. It is a wording of the poet’s own highest thoughts. Most of the lines of Pascall in this compilation of his poems are in the highest level of emotions.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because it is a rich source of philosophical thoughts and it is informative. I recommend this for the adults and young minds. This is also useful to those who are aspiring to become poets. This also serves as an inspiration for those who belong to the social sciences, philosophy, and literature. The reader must not read this book in a single sitting because the reader needs to dissect each poem. Each poem is set to send a message. Reading the poems in a single sitting could lead to misunderstanding.

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Never Gone

It is always interesting to start things moving from standing still, this is how I feel sometimes when I stay away from my blog and return to post stuff, but not today…..The normal distractions took me away, family, school, marketing my books but today an activity brought me back. The online book club has this feature where they will do a review of books and I requested this service. Firstly I was pleased that it did not take long at all and the review was able to help me assess my project. I like the setup of the club and the way it promotes books and I recommend it to persons who are not yet members.

Promise to share more soon,



Mind’s Heart

A phrase suggesting a synergy between logic and emotion. This is what I tries to accomplish in my works of poetry. The arrival of my second book, ‘Dialogue’ is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Authorhouse Bookstore. The e-book version should follow soon however the book is live and available for sale. It brings me great joy to put this work on the market because I had so much fun putting together the collection of poems and the emotional range inspired mental and emotional growth. Below I can share with you my opening thoughts:


sku-0011171451‘This book was born from a promise that I made at the end of my first book, ‘Living Through 2016 – Beyond Fiction’. The philosophy and ideas shared there prepare us for a dialogue that I believe, is not only necessary but nurturing for the individual seeker. Here I continue to reach out to the traveler on the path through a different vehicle. My need to express myself led me to this genre of poetry where I thoroughly enjoyed my expression knowing that I could reach persons in a way that I was longing to experience. I would love to say that I have shared all of myself but once again this is just another beginning. To peel back the skin of the onion is a beautiful experience and I am loving the experiences as I share parts of myself with you for the enrichment of our collective consciousness.

The work is set up in three parts, ‘How I see me’, ‘How I see you’ and ‘How I see us’. It is a celebration of sight, feeling and knowing all wrapped up in one. May it mean many things for you at once but always nurture the seeker in you.’

The flavor has changed however the focus remains the same, communicating and expressing the need for shared experience in a world that does not give us the answers neatly wrapped in a bow. As developments take place and versions of the book become available I will update persons through my blog and other sources. For now I am elated to introduce:

cover – dialogue

‘Dialogue: From Mind’s Heart to Yours’